A hippie is commonly referred to as a member of a counterculture that initially begun as a youth movement in the United States of America and the United Kingdom in the mid-1960s and extended to other countries around the globe. The 60s and 70s caused an anti-war significance and an era of change. The fashion and style signified a fresh assurance in what people wore and ornamented in the in their bodies as well as a new sense of liberty. The fashion and style during those days were floppy hats, bell bottoms, flowers, long hair, tie-dye, flowing skirts as well as other symbols in the Baby Boomer generation. However, youths today have twisted the hippie trends through the incorporation of other fashions and styles into the mix. There are major differences between the hippies in the 60s and 70s and those in the current era.

Hippies in the 1960s did not spend an extra coin on ripped jeans compared to the dotcom ones. Secondly, hippies in the 60s did not use much of their money on clothes. This because they were cheap and women sewed their own clothes. Thirdly, a lot of women in the 60s did not have permanent tattoos even though they adorned their bodies using colored pens, make up, paints and henna. Modern hippies use other means of creative display like tattoo art and body piercing. Finally, the temporary tattoos were used on special occasions like weddings, celebrations and festivals while today’s hippies use permanent tattoos which cannot be changed to suit the mood.


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