please help me win!

hi y’all!!

i entered one of my photographs into a contest by NAPP (national association of photoshop professionals) and wacom called “the incredible makeover”.  my photograph is called ‘vintage beauty':

voting closes on august 3rd (friday) and winners will be revealed on august 10th.

the prize for ‘people’s choice’ is a wacom tablet, something i have been dreaming of getting for a very long time, its an essential tool.

this jeep belongs to a friend of mine and my inspiration behind it was to create a photograph reminiscent of an old worn out photo, one that could have easily been tucked away for years in a forgotten pocket, only to be pulled out, bringing with it a wave of memories of youthful optimism and carefree summer nights.

i would appreciate any and all help! please pass this along to your friends and family and help me win!!

much love!!


PS – my entry currently is the very last one at the very bottom! easy to find!!


if i had a penny for every....

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